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From baby to golden years, choose a dentist equipped to care for every member of your family in Frisco

Kids in the U.S. miss around 51 million school hours each year due to dental illnesses. Untreated tooth decay leads to pain, serious infections, and difficulty chewing, speaking, sleeping, and overall functioning. The conditions that have such far-reaching consequences are largely preventable. A Frisco Family Dentist, Dr. Vidya Suri, likes to see the littlest patients by the time they celebrate their first birthdays or within six months of a tooth coming in (whichever comes first — since some children don’t get teeth until their around 14 months old).

From baby to golden years - Frisco TX family dentist

These first visits are a great opportunity for parents and caregivers to learn about the importance of baby teeth. They may be temporary, but baby teeth are critical to heathy development, they aid in eating, speech, and smiling. How they develop also affects how their successors develop. Baby teeth serve as “place-holders,” guiding permanent teeth into proper positions. Without early and appropriate intervention, a baby tooth can be lost. Premature tooth loss results in crooked and crowded teeth and bite problems that affect your child well into adulthood.

Because baby teeth are so important, proper cleaning is a must. The Frisco Elm Dental team shows caregivers how to clean baby’s mouth in a way that promotes healthy teeth and gums.

  • Even before teeth erupt, it’s important to use sterile, moistened gauze or cloths to wipe gum tissue. This habit can also be quite comforting to baby, because they may experience soreness or discomfort as teeth erupt. A clean teething ring can also be soothing.
  • As soon as your child can hold a brush, we’ll be able to motivate him or her to use cleaning techniques that effectively remove plaque.
  • You should help or supervise your child until you’re confident in their motor skills and ability to clean well.
  • A pea-sized amount of fluoride toothpaste is adequate for kids aged 3 to 6.
  • Younger children require no more than a smear of paste – usually about the size of a grain of rice.
  • Remind your child to never eat the toothpaste and to avoid accidental ingestion of a too much fluoride.

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Frisco Family Dentist TXAs your child grows, fluoride treatments may be recommended to supplement his or her oral health. Sealants are another preventive measure. This long-lasting protection is placed on molars that are prone to decay due to them being harder to clean than easy-to-reach front teeth, and due to their pitted and grooved surfaces that trap food and plaque. As your child becomes involved with sports, a mouthguard may be customized to best protect the teeth and jaws. It can be adjusted for optimal fit and comfort.

Early visits are also about getting to know your child – as a person and not just his or her mouth. Your Little Elm Dentist knows how to speak with even the youngest patients, in a way that inspires trust. We want your child to look forward visiting our office (and the children’s play area and treasure chest!). Appointments in childhood influence how we view dentists for life. It’s important to create positive experiences so your child doesn’t grow up to be a fearful or anxious patient who avoids the dentist.

For the “kids at heart”

As you or a loved one get older and your health changes, Dr. Suri may recommend more frequent visits and changes to your home care. For instance, medications or products may be suggested to stimulate saliva and moisturize your mouth. Chronic conditions and the more than 400 medications used to treat them can cause dry mouth. Saliva is important to oral health, because it’s a cleanser with antimicrobial benefits. The minerals in saliva also help to build up tooth enamel and reverse the effects of decay. Routine exams and cleanings by Frisco Elm Dental hygienists may bring to light oral problems you didn’t know you had, or cleaning techniques and products that can aid in effective home care. Likewise, only specialized dental instruments remove plaque that has hardened into tartar. For your cleanest and healthiest mouth, it’s important to keep appointments at intervals advised by Dr. Suri.

Tooth loss isn’t a “normal” part of aging. We’ll help you keep your natural teeth looking and functioning their best. Call (214) 705-7100 to schedule your next visit.

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Dr. Vidya Suri

Frisco Elm Dental

Dr. Vidya Suri

A graduate from University of California San Francisco School of Dentistry, Dr. Vidya Suri is an established dentist who prioritizes her patients and strives to provide them with the best possible dental care. She brings to the table a wealth of knowledge and skills including her ability to pay close attention to the details to provide her patients with the most optimal outcomes that exceed their expectations.

Dr. Suri treats patients of all ages. In order to ensure that she is doing her best, she regularly participates in continuing education courses to stay abreast of new practices, technology, and advancements in the industry. Dr. Suri is a member of the Academy of General Dentistry and the American Dental Association.

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