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Time has a way of changing the look of the smile. You may have begun to notice that your teeth are not as bright and white as they once were. The reason for discoloration could be genetics or other internal factors. Most likely, though, your smile has dulled because of the foods and beverages you have consumed over the years. Fortunately, it is easy to rejuvenate the smile with professional teeth whitening.

Whitening is one of the most requested services at Frisco Elm Dental. Dr. Suri and her staff offer outstanding solutions for discoloration using professional-grade bleaching gel and custom-fitted trays that outperform commercial products. Treatment is safe, effective, and convenient, letting you enjoy a bright smile that enhances your confidence.

Whitening for Life

We are pleased to offer our patients the opportunity to maintain the brightness of their smile through our Whitening for Life program. Patients may enroll after their first visit, during which x-rays, exam, and cleaning are performed. Upon enrollment, we will make a set of custom-fitted whitening trays and provide a supply of whitening gel for home use. At every six-month recall visit, the supply of whitening gel is replenished. It’s that simple!

When you want a brighter smile, professional whitening makes sense. The care provided by Dr. Suri and her team achieves beautiful results. Many of our patients admit to trying over-the-counter whitening strips or products before choosing professional whitening. In the end, a visit to your dentist is far more cost effective because you will see real results in a short amount of time. With professional treatment comes customization that leads to the desired outcome. Strips do not fit around teeth and may slide out of place, dispersing whitening gel in an uneven manner. With our custom-fitted trays, the bleach solution stays where it should, on your teeth. With each use, you will see your smile becoming a little brighter.

We are happy to assist you on your path to a healthy, attractive smile. Dr. Suri has years of experience and a friendly manner that patients love. Contact Frisco Elm Dental today to explore your options for smile enhancement.

Dr. Vidya Suri

Frisco Elm Dental

Dr. Vidya Suri

A graduate from University of California San Francisco School of Dentistry, Dr. Vidya Suri is an established dentist who prioritizes her patients and strives to provide them with the best possible dental care. She brings to the table a wealth of knowledge and skills including her ability to pay close attention to the details to provide her patients with the most optimal outcomes that exceed their expectations.

Dr. Suri treats patients of all ages. In order to ensure that she is doing her best, she regularly participates in continuing education courses to stay abreast of new practices, technology, and advancements in the industry. Dr. Suri is a member of the Academy of General Dentistry and the American Dental Association.

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