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Apr 20

A missing tooth may not seem like a big deal, especially if it’s one of the back teeth that anyone hardly sees. However, the importance of your smile being whole goes far beyond aesthetics. When there’s a gap in your smile, food particles and other debris can get trapped there, causing infections and possible tooth […]

Jul 05

Dental implants are a fantastic solution for patients who are interested in replacing missing teeth. These permanent restorations are ideal for many adult patients seeking renewal of their smile. However, many patients are worried about oral surgery during which the implants are placed. Drs. Suri and Tran in Little Elm, TX dental practice help patients […]

Mar 24

Dental implant-supported crowns are a practical choice to fill your gaps. They are the only tooth replacement option that is designed like your natural, healthy teeth, so you get a lifelike appearance and feel. Dr. Suri and our team also offer particularly reasonable dental implants in Little Elm. We are very sensitive to your budgetary […]