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Jun 08

If you have experienced a crown or bridge come loose or even out of your mouth, you already know that getting it replaced can feel like an emergency. Do not fret; whether you need replacement crowns for cosmetic or health purposes, we keep the process straightforward and easy so that you can go back to […]

Dec 28

Frisco Elm Dental has cultivated loyal patients through the years due to how we take care of the “whole person.” We understand that you are more than your teeth and gums. We also account for your lifestyle, personal preferences, goals, schedule, and budget in everything we do. So, dental crowns and bridge treatment in Little […]

Aug 27

A dental crown is often associated with root canal treatment because crowns protect treated teeth, which are more vulnerable after the nerves and blood supply have been removed to resolve deep infections and severe damage; however, as a famously versatile type of restoration, crowns don’t always follow root canal therapy, nor do you need to […]

Mar 24

How much you pay for a dental crown can vary considerably. Dental crowns cost in Little Elm is not a barrier due to Dr. Suri’s flexible payment methods and approach. Crowns are a cost-effective and healthy alternative to extraction and tooth replacement such as bridges and dental implants. Extraction may seem like a bargain upfront, […]