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Jan 26

Cavities have the potential to destroy your teeth and ruin your smile. Prompt cavity treatment can curtail the spread of decay and restore your dental health. Dr. Vidya SuriĀ treats decay with composite resin mercury-free fillingsĀ at Frisco Elm Dental, Little Elm, Texas. Composite resin fillings are strong, long-lasting, and effective in treating small to moderate-sized cavities […]

Jan 04

We all love a beautiful smile. There’s something about bright teeth and a healthy appearance that makes us want to smile in return. Unfortunately, not everyone has the smile they deserve, and sometimes nature needs a little help. So if you’ve been searching online for terms such as “aesthetic dentistry near me,” you can stop […]

Aug 29

If you have a chipped tooth and only view it as a cosmetic dental issue, you may have decided not to get it treated. However, the truth is that a chipped tooth can lead to several dental health problems when left untreated. Dr. Vidya Suri and the team at Frisco Elm Dental welcome you in […]

Mar 24

Studies estimate as many as 70 percent of Americans will get braces by the time they are 18 years old. The Frisco Elm Dental team understands that teeth straightening solutions in Little Elm, TX need not be limited to conventional orthodontics. Your trusted dentist in Little Elm, Dr. Vidya Suri, may recommend restorative treatments, or […]

Mar 24

If you have a bright, vibrant disposition, you want to accurately present this through your smile. Living in the Little Elm area, you can count on the cosmetic dentistry services of Dr. Vidya Suri and her team to help you achieve a healthier, better looking smile. Cosmetic dental care is not simply a luxury. Research […]