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Apr 20

Even though your children’s primary teeth are temporary, they need the same quality care as adult teeth to keep them healthy and strong. If your kids’ baby teeth develop cavities, it can threaten the health of their adult teeth and ruin their future smiles. Routine children’s dental services from Frisco Elm Dental, Little Elm, Texas, […]

Aug 29

As your children grow, you will make sure they see their pediatrician regularly so that their health, growth, and development can be monitored and any necessary treatments prescribed. The same goes for your child’s teeth. As early as 1, your child should begin seeing their local Little Elm, Texas dentist. If you are seeking a […]

Jun 09

The sooner you introduce your children to a pediatric dentist, the better! Dental care can begin when your child receives their first tooth. Early dental care can help your child enjoy strong, healthy teeth later. At Frisco Elm Dental in Little Elm, Texas, we make dental care a fun-filled learning experience for children so they […]

Apr 29

The conditions that threaten our oral health don’t happen overnight. They progress over months or years. So, we appreciate that many families prioritize immediate needs first. If your child seems healthy, it is easy to put dental visits on the backburner. Unfortunately, tooth decay and gum disease can lurk for a long time in your […]

May 31

We all want our children to be happy and healthy. Teaching them about proper nutrition and physical activity is a vital part of establishing overall wellness. The process is very similar for establishing oral health. Educating them about good habits, proper oral care at home, and the importance of dental care can set them up […]

Mar 24

Decay is the most prevalent chronic childhood disease. It is more common than asthma, hay fever, childhood obesity, and diabetes. Likewise, one of every three adults aged 65 and older has this devastating oral health condition. While Frisco Elm Dental staff enjoy working with pediatric patients, they also understand the unique needs of patients through […]

Mar 24

It is estimated that almost a quarter of two- to five-year-old children have cavities in their baby teeth, which is a problem that has lifelong implications for the littlest patients’ health but is largely preventable. Frisco Elm Dental is equipped to successfully treat baby or immature permanent teeth with techniques such as a pulpotomy to […]