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At Frisco Elm Dental, we believe the less we need to intervene, the better off you are. Consequently, our focus is on prevention as the best form of defense. Dr. Suri takes a holistic and comprehensive approach to dentistry since it enables her to diagnose problems early and utilize conservative treatment plans instead of aggressive intervention. Identifying problems early also reduces your risk of needing more extensive and expensive treatment in the future. To detect problems early, we recommend a visit to the dentist every six months.

We provide our patients with an extensive selection of services and some of the latest advanced technology, including digital x-ray imaging. Your family may visit Frisco Elm Dental for:

Routine cleanings

Professional dental cleanings on a six-month basis are incredibly effective at protecting the teeth and gums from harmful bacteria. During this visit, the dentist or hygienist may also discuss ways in which home care may be improved to protect the teeth and gums from uncomfortable problems like cavities or inflammation.

Preventive treatments

Fluoride and dental sealants are two common treatments that help patients avoid tooth decay. Sealants protect the back teeth, which have deep grooves in which bacteria can easily accumulate. Application of dental sealants as well as fluoride is painless and achieve lasting effects.


Many people clench or grind their teeth when they sleep. This condition is known as bruxism and it can lead to uncomfortable problems such as joint stress or excessive tooth wear. With custom night guards, Dr. Suri adds protection by buffering the pressure of clenching and grinding.

Tooth extractions

We use precise technique to remove problematic teeth quickly and gently when necessary. Following extraction of permanent teeth, Dr. Suri discusses options for long-lasting, natural-looking replacements.

Tooth-colored fillings

Long lasting and beautiful, composite fillings are tooth-colored fillings and preferred by many patients who want to preserve a natural looking smile.

Porcelain crowns

A crown is an outstanding option for the protection of an extensively damaged tooth. Porcelain crowns blend right in with surrounding teeth and can last for many years.

Root canal therapy

If a tooth has become infected at its core, root canal therapy may be necessary to remove infection and restore comfort.


Tooth loss is a major problem for which a full or partial denture is a great restorative option. Dr. Suri has years of experience in the design of beautiful, well-fitting dentures.

Dental bridges

A custom-fitted dental bridge can restore the smile to its natural look and feel after tooth loss.

It is our pleasure to help you manage your oral health. Contact Frisco Elm Dental today to schedule your visit.

Dr. Vidya Suri

Frisco Elm Dental

Dr. Vidya Suri

A graduate from University of California San Francisco School of Dentistry, Dr. Vidya Suri is an established dentist who prioritizes her patients and strives to provide them with the best possible dental care. She brings to the table a wealth of knowledge and skills including her ability to pay close attention to the details to provide her patients with the most optimal outcomes that exceed their expectations.

Dr. Suri treats patients of all ages. In order to ensure that she is doing her best, she regularly participates in continuing education courses to stay abreast of new practices, technology, and advancements in the industry. Dr. Suri is a member of the Academy of General Dentistry and the American Dental Association.

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