Dental Technology

Little ELM Best Dental Office with High Technology

Dr. Suri and her team want to give you and your family the best dental experiences they can. One of the ways care is enhanced is through innovative technologies.

Digital imaging and x-rays

Conventional film x-rays require more time, more risk, and more space. We are proud of our transition to digital imaging equipment. This method of capturing diagnostic data exposes patients to significantly less radiation than standard x-rays. Additionally, the transfer of images to our computer allows us to share the findings with individual patients. Accurate, comfortable and safe, our digital x-ray equipment helps us achieve our goal of outstanding dentistry.

Digital imaging and x-rays Little ELM

Intra oral cameras

In addition to x-rays, there is equipment that allows us to examine all visible surfaces of individual teeth. The intra oral camera is very small but very powerful, letting us capture real-time images, freeze them on our screen to save data and show patients what we see in their mouth. When you can see what your dentist sees, it is far easier to understand your dental needs and recommendations for care.

Intra oral cameras little ELM
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