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Jan 04

A root canal might be the most-feared dental procedure in the world. It’s often seen in a more negative light than the symptoms it resolves. However, for millions of patients, saving their teeth is a must. If you believe you see signs you need a root canal, Dr. Vidya Suri of Frisco Elm Dental can […]

Dec 10

If you’re experiencing the pain and discomfort of an abscessed tooth, you can find relief through root canal therapy. A root canal can end your infection so your tooth can heal. Contrary to what people may think, root canals are not complex, painful treatments. They’re a means of relieving tooth pain and restoring your oral […]

Sep 25

In your search for information about the root canal therapy procedure, your Little Elm, TX dentist, Dr. Vidya Suri, will first talk about what this treatment is not. There are many lingering myths that surround this common, proven, and highly effective restorative treatment, available at Frisco Elm Dental. So, let us clear up a few […]

Aug 19

Tooth pain is usually a warning sign of a problem. It often will not go away on its own. The pain may stem from decay or trauma. Root canal therapy is an option to preserve the health of your mouth. Although root canals come with a bad reputation and myths, the treatment is worth it. […]