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Do I really need wisdom teeth removal? Little Elm, TX Dentist discusses when these teeth mean trouble

Wisdom Teeth Removal Dentist at Frisco Elm Dental in Little Elm TX Area

Bring us your misaligned, partially erupted, or fully hidden wisdom teeth. Complications with how these third molars develop are no match for the skill and experience of Dr. Vidya Suri of Frisco Elm Dental. Better yet though, visit us early and often to avoid the complications associated with wisdom teeth that are not positioned as they should be, or that break through the gums only partially. Depending on what Dr. Suri sees during your exam, she may become your wisdom teeth removal dentist in Little Elm, TX quite quickly. If these teeth have not developed as they should, or are … Continue reading

Little Elm TX dentist answers: “When is wisdom tooth extraction necessary?”

Dr. Suri and her team are referring to how the teeth break through the gums

You’ll often hear dentists talk about extractions as a “last resort.” As good as dentistry has become at replicating natural teeth, there is no better-looking, -functioning, and -feeling tooth than the one that developed naturally with you. But, in some cases, pulling a tooth may be the only way to restore your health, wellbeing, and attractive smile. As it relates to Little Elm Wisdom Tooth Extraction, the Frisco Elm Dental team wants you to know the loss of these back teeth is really no loss at all. As “vestigial organs” (like your spleen or appendix) they serve no real purpose. … Continue reading

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