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Advanced technology and skill create superior replacement teeth in Little Elm, TX

create superior replacement teeth in Little Elm

Dr. Suri and her team believe the best procedures are those with minimal impact on your mouth. The team works with you to preserve natural tooth structure. Should the day come that you need replacement teeth in Little Elm TX, the gentle techniques and advanced technologies applied with other preventive and restorative treatments will be used for a comfortable and pleasant experience when rebuilding your smile.

Missing a tooth or two?

If root canal therapy can’t save your tooth, Dr. Suri offers the next best thing to a natural tooth. She is trained and experienced with placing dental implants. These cylinder-shaped posts function like tooth roots. Many dental offices don’t have the capabilities and tools in-house to place the implant in the jawbone. Patients are referred to specialists, adding to costs and stress.

This procedure’s popularity is owed to the mimicking of natural form, feel, and function, notably down to how the porcelain crown is stabilized by an implant rooted in underlying bone. Dr. Suri knows no single treatment is for everyone. She’ll discuss the pros and cons of implants and alternatives like bridges, which rely on neighboring teeth for strength and can last many years with proper care.

Missing several teeth or a mouthful?

Dental implants may support a partial or full denture. Since the artificial teeth and gums are connected to underlying bone, supportive bone stays strong through stimulation from chewing, biting, and other functions. Dr. Suri also takes great pride in her attention to aesthetic and functional details when designing conventional partial and full dentures. These details add up to superior fit and lifelike appearance, far removed from the loose, earlier-generation dentures your grandparents may have complained about.

You’ll never go without teeth following extractions, thanks to immediate dentures and temporary restorations. Call (214) 705-7100 for more information.

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