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Frisco TX dentist engages parents in helping pediatric patients form good habits

Dr Suri helping pediatric patients form good habits

Decay is the most prevalent chronic childhood disease. It is more common than asthma, hay fever, childhood obesity, and diabetes. Likewise, one of every three adults aged 65 and older has this devastating oral health condition.

While Frisco Elm Dental staff enjoy working with pediatric patients, they also understand the unique needs of patients through every stage of life. It’s common for the dental team to educate the child and the parent, grandparent or other caregiver at the same time.

Education and good habits ideally start before your child’s first birthday. While temporary, baby teeth help adult teeth develop properly. When teeth fall out prematurely, there is no “space-holder” to guide the adult tooth into proper position. If teeth are lost before they start to fall out on their own, complications can arise, including crowding or impaction.

Home Habits for a Healthy Mouth

While accidents can cause a tooth to be knocked out prematurely, many cases of early tooth loss could have been prevented. Tooth decay among young children is referred to frequently as “baby bottle decay,” because so many caregivers use bottles of sugary drink as a pacifier to calm baby down so she or he falls asleep. Sugars are very destructive to the teeth. When they combine with naturally-occurring bacteria, acids are produced that eat away at the teeth. Harmful bacteria can even be passed along to babies from caregivers with existing disease or through saliva, shared when a parent moistens a pacifier or samples baby’s food.

Your Pediatric Dentist in Frisco TX is just as concerned about parental habits and dental health as they are about the young patient’s habits and health, knowing the influence parents have on overall health. Don’t delay to schedule an appointment. Call (214) 705-7100. Be sure to ask about student promotions.

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