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Frisco TX area dentist explains how to cure gum disease with conservative, noninvasive treatments

dentist explains how to cure gum disease

Dr. Vidya Suri and her team prevent or stop the progression of gum disease in partnership with you, and by using gentle, modern approaches for your comfort and to restore your health.


It’s important to detect the presence of gum disease early. Since the effects of early-stage disease or gingivitis are reversible, how to cure gum disease in Frisco TX at Frisco Elm Dental always starts with routine, proactive care. Restorative treatments should always be a last resort, because healthy, natural teeth are superior to even the most advanced dental materials in appearance, durability, and strength.

Know the trouble signs

Healthy gums are pink, smooth, firm, and taut against the teeth. In its earliest stages, it’s common to notice blood on your toothbrush or floss. If the disease is allowed to progress, you may have chronically bad breath and sour taste. Gums may recede, so your smile appears “toothy.”

A leading cause of tooth loss, advanced disease is associated with shifting and changes to how teeth are positioned.

A treatable condition

Ongoing appointments personalized to your needs and medical history, allow the team to detect problems and intervene in a timely fashion with conservative approaches such as antibiotics, professional cleaning, and medicated oral rinses.

Deep cleaning methods of the past had a reputation for being uncomfortable. Modern, conservative tools and techniques remove plaque and tartar at or below the gumline, without the healing and complications associated with more invasive procedures.

Topical antibiotics and recommendations for improved home care complement scaling and root planing, which cleans teeth and root surfaces. More invasive surgical procedures are no longer a go-to treatment, as there are many effective and well-tolerated alternatives to prevent or resolve conditions.

Since gum disease progresses without treatment, don’t delay scheduling your appointment at Frisco Elm Dental. Call (214) 705-7100.

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