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Little Elm dentist discusses factors influencing cost of your crowns, returns on your investment

Little Elm dentist discusses factors influencing cost of your crowns
How much you pay for a dental crown can vary considerably. Dental crowns cost in Little Elm is not a barrier due to Dr. Suri’s flexible payment methods and approach.

Crowns are a cost-effective and healthy alternative to extraction and tooth replacement such as bridges and dental implants. Extraction may seem like a bargain upfront, but a missing tooth costs you. When your mouth doesn’t get the stimulation it needs, the density and volume of the jawbone decreases. Bone loss makes you look older and promotes problems such as difficulty speaking clearly and poor nutrition due to difficulty chewing food.


Not all crowns are the same. Dr. Suri works with you to determine the best crown to suit your needs and situation; for example, a porcelain-fused-to-metal crown is popular because it combines the strength of a metal core with the attractiveness of a porcelain covering. You may prefer an all-porcelain crown for visible teeth, because the metal can be seen peeking through the porcelain at the gumline. Discoloration becomes more noticeable over time due to wear to the restoration and changes to gum tissue.

While porcelain crowns are more expensive than some other dental materials, Little Elm Dental works with many different insurance providers to reduce costs. You may qualify for CareCredit financing or the Dental Savers Plan, which covers some parts of treatment such as X-rays and discounts on procedures.

Crowns may be the only way to restore natural tooth structure or fill a gap as part of a dental bridge or dental implant. Costs of tooth replacement such as bridges and implants far exceed the cost of crowns, and there are long-term costs to the quality of your life with extraction. Call (214) 705-7100 today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Suri, who will explain your best options.

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