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Cosmetic teeth procedures in Little Elm, TX lift your smile and boost your spirits

lift your smile and boost your spirits Little Elm, TX

You can recognize a nice smile instantly, though it may be difficult to verbalize exactly why it’s so attractive. Frisco Elm Dental excels at smile design. Procedures for cosmetic improvement of teeth in Little Elm, TX are tailored to the unique features of your face. A beautiful smile on one person would look unattractive on another, due to differing facial shapes and sizes. Some characteristics are shared by all of Dr. Suri’s patients whose smiles are restored or redesigned at Frisco Elm Dental.

White teeth

Whitening is the most popular cosmetic dental treatment for good reason. In very little time, and with minimal cost and effort, you can get a many shades whiter smile with teeth bleaching. Kits prescribed by Dr. Suri combine the convenience of bleaching from the comfort of your home with the effectiveness of professional-grade whitening gels. You’ll put the gel in a tray made from impressions of your mouth. When the tray is worn daily as directed by Dr. Suri, you’ll see a whiter smile develop gradually. Ask about the Whitening for Life Program, which makes it easy to maintain those beautiful results.


There are a number of ways your teeth and overall smile may not look uniform. Gaps develop. Teeth appear too long, too short, or otherwise out-of-proportion with surrounding teeth or the tooth that mirrors it on the other side of your face. A more even and attractive smile may be yours with versatile veneers. These thin layers of porcelain are used to cover minor spacing issues, as well as reshape teeth. Veneers may also:

  • Cover up chips, pits, and other surface irregularities
  • Conceal stubborn discoloration

The Frisco Elm Dental team blends form and function when designing restorations and tooth replacements, from tooth-colored fillings to dental implant-supported porcelain crowns. Call us at (214) 705-7100.

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