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Cost of teeth whitening isn’t a barrier for Little Elm patients, thanks to Whitening for Life program

Cost of teeth whitening

Like other dental procedures, the cost of teeth whitening varies from city to city and even between neighborhoods. Teeth whitening treatments, specifically, can vary in cost depending on factors such as the method of whitening used. For instance, those patients who want a brighter smile immediately may opt to dramatically whiten by several shades in a single appointment. This generally higher-cost option is an alternative to more gradual bleaching done via whitening trays customized to your mouth and applied from the convenience of home.

Frisco Elm Dental offers a convenient and cost-effective program, Whitening for Life. If you opt for this program, Dr. Suri will provide a custom-fitted whitening tray and bleaching solution after your initial visit. After each check-up and professional cleaning, you’ll achieve not only a fresher and healthier mouth but also a more beautiful smile. The dental team helps you maintain that beautifully whiter smile with fresh whitening solution supplied at each recall visit. You don’t have to pay for essentially a new whitening treatment each time your solution runs out or your smile appears to have lost its luster. That might be your only (and costly) alternative at other dentist’s offices in Little Elm or when turning to chairside power whitening instead of the safe, convenient, and natural-looking home approach.

Stop spending money on gimmicks

The business of teeth whitening is a more than $11 billion industry worldwide. Whitening, however, means so many different things, including toothpaste, chewing gum, and strips; mall kiosks staffed by employees who are not dental professionals; and OTC trays. While many of these products may seem like a good deal upfront, at best you may see little to no change in the appearance of your teeth. At worst, one-size-fits all whitening trays and applications by non-dentist employees in a non-medical setting can cost you dearly. These lower-cost options have been associated with discomfort, and damage to teeth and soft tissues.

Don’t throw your money away on products that lack enough of the active ingredient needed to get the results you desire, or on products that may cause damage requiring expensive restorative treatments. Cost of teeth whitening is just one consideration for Little Elm area patients. Turn to Dr. Suri for a professional, safe, and effective way to get a more attractive smile. You can have it all with Whitening for Life’s affordable program. Call (214) 705-7100 to get started.

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