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The value of quality, proactive dental crowns and bridge treatment in Little Elm, TX

The Value of Quality, Proactive Dental Crowns and Bridge Treatment in Little Elm, TX Area

Frisco Elm Dental has cultivated loyal patients through the years due to how we take care of the “whole person.” We understand that you are more than your teeth and gums. We also account for your lifestyle, personal preferences, goals, schedule, and budget in everything we do. So, dental crowns and bridge treatment in Little Elm, TX, at the office of Dr. Vidya Suri fits well into your active life and with your other financial obligations. Crowns and bridges are competitively-priced, and we never cut corners on quality. Moreover, the way we partner with patients also allows us to help you … Continue reading

You asked, Little Elm Dentist answered, “What is root canal therapy?”

Root Canal Therapy Procedure at Frisco Elm Dental in Little Elm TX Area

In your search for information about the root canal therapy procedure, your Little Elm, TX dentist, Dr. Vidya Suri, will first talk about what this treatment is not. There are many lingering myths that surround this common, proven, and highly effective restorative treatment, available at Frisco Elm Dental. So, let us clear up a few things: Root canal treatment is not painful. This therapy is designed to relieve pain associated with oral conditions, such as deep infections at the center of a tooth. Plus, Dr. Suri precisely numbs the treatment site. You will not feel anything as the tooth is … Continue reading

Do I really need wisdom teeth removal? Little Elm, TX Dentist discusses when these teeth mean trouble

Wisdom Teeth Removal Dentist at Frisco Elm Dental in Little Elm TX Area

Bring us your misaligned, partially erupted, or fully hidden wisdom teeth. Complications with how these third molars develop are no match for the skill and experience of Dr. Vidya Suri of Frisco Elm Dental. Better yet though, visit us early and often to avoid the complications associated with wisdom teeth that are not positioned as they should be, or that break through the gums only partially. Depending on what Dr. Suri sees during your exam, she may become your wisdom teeth removal dentist in Little Elm, TX quite quickly. If these teeth have not developed as they should, or are … Continue reading

Peace of mind is priceless; get to know Little Elm, TX dental office’s approach to urgent treatment

Urgent Dental Treatment at Frisco Elm Dental in Little Elm TX Area

The DFW Metroplex is home to many fine medical establishments. We are proud to call some of those practices peers; however, as with all industries and sectors, the consumer experience can vary considerably from office to office. Dr. Vidya Suri is proud of her team’s approach to urgent dental treatment in Little Elm, TX. When you have the Frisco Elm Dental’s number, (214) 705-7100, saved in your phone or handy on your fridge, you can expect an exceptional level of service should a toothache persist, or dental injury arise. We are happy to share just a few of the ways … Continue reading

Transform your smile with teeth veneers in Little Elm, TX

Teeth Veneers in Little Elm TX Area

There are so many benefits that come from a terrific smile – increased confidence, positive first impressions, and an increased desire to maintain oral health. At Frisco Elm Dental in Little Elm, TX, we are committed to helping our patients enjoy a beautiful smile. Having flaws such as cracks, chips, or misshapen teeth can all detract from the appearance of a smile and as a result, may cause you to refrain from using it. Fortunately, porcelain veneers are an effective way to transform the appearance of your teeth so you can let your smile shine bright. What are teeth veneers? … Continue reading

Save your tooth with root canal therapy from your Frisco, TX dentist

Root Canal Dentist in Frisco Texas area

As a dentist, few things elicit as many negative reactions as the mention of needing a root canal. Root canals are a safe and effective treatment that is very similar to having a traditional cavity filling. In the many years she’s spent as a dentist in Frisco, TX, Dr. Suri has helped save many natural teeth with the help of root canal therapy – eliminating pain and restoring their ability to enjoy life as fast as possible. What is root canal therapy? Often simply referred to as a root canal, the procedure is performed when the pulp chamber of the … Continue reading

How dental service like dentures in Little Elm, TX can make you smile again

Dentures and Dental Services, Little Elm, TX area

If you are missing teeth, whether it’s just a few or an entire arch, you may feel embarrassed to smile. Furthermore, simple everyday tasks such as eating, and speaking may become more difficult. At Frisco Elm Dental in Little Elm, TX, we understand the lasting toll of tooth loss. It can negatively impact confidence and self-esteem, taking away your desire to share your smile with the world. That’s why we provide restorative dental services such as full and partial dentures. When our patients get their new set of dentures, we immediately see the boost in confidence and the positive impact … Continue reading

Little Elm, TX dentist explains root canal myths and how to keep your natural tooth with root canal

Keep Your Natural Tooth With Root Canal in Little Elm TX area

Tooth pain is usually a warning sign of a problem. It often will not go away on its own. The pain may stem from decay or trauma. Root canal therapy is an option to preserve the health of your mouth. Although root canals come with a bad reputation and myths, the treatment is worth it. Located in Little Elm, TX, Dr. Suri and Dr. Tran explain how to keep your natural tooth with root canal treatment. This therapy comes with benefits to preserve your oral health. Root canals are not scary One of the main root canal myths is that … Continue reading

How to mentally prepare for dental implant surgery in Little Elm, TX dental practice

How to Mentally Prepare for Dental Implant Surgery in Little Elm area

Dental implants are a fantastic solution for patients who are interested in replacing missing teeth. These permanent restorations are ideal for many adult patients seeking renewal of their smile. However, many patients are worried about oral surgery during which the implants are placed. Drs. Suri and Tran in Little Elm, TX dental practice help patients understand how to prepare for dental implant surgery mentally. What happens during dental implant surgery? Oral surgery can be scary for any patient who has never had extensive dental work completed. The procedure is accomplished during a single appointment. The dentist creates an area in … Continue reading

Pediatric dental care from dentists open on Saturday in Little Elm, TX

Dentists open on Saturday Little in Elm, TX area

We all want our children to be happy and healthy. Teaching them about proper nutrition and physical activity is a vital part of establishing overall wellness. The process is very similar for establishing oral health. Educating them about good habits, proper oral care at home, and the importance of dental care can set them up for a lifetime of oral health. You can start the process from the moment their first tooth erupts and continue throughout childhood. Frisco Elm Dental in Little Elm, TX is a full-service family dental practice that offers comprehensive care with convenient hours (we’re even open … Continue reading

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